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MEANT TO BE is the feel-good comedy sent straight from Heaven about an affable guardian angel called WILL (Julian Rhind-Tutt) and his very human quest for true love.

When “The Boss” sends news that Will is no longer needed by AMANDA (Kelly Reilly), a beautiful young architect he has protected since her childhood, he has a strange feeling, a feeling that he can’t let her go, a feeling we mortals call love.

Convinced that to be with Amanda is his destiny, Will enlists the help of his best friend and fellow angel, ARCHIE (Kris Marshall), and embarks on a rebellious mission. Forfeiting his wings to become human, Will has seven days to distract Amanda’s attention from a charming Puerto Rican (Santiago Cabrera), and win her heart forever.

As Will gets a crash course in life on earth, he discovers the trouble with destiny is some things are just Meant To Be.